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Argos Man Accidentally Finds Dad's Old Corvette for Sale, Buys it & Brings it Back Home

By Ibrahim Samra on October 26, 2021

ARGOS, Ind. (WNDU) - It was just 10 years ago when then 16 year-old Josh Hudgens of Knox, Indiana sat in a very special car.

"I remember going to the soccer games, just cruising down country roads," Hudgens says.

A burgundy 1993 40th Anniversary Corvette convertible…owned by his dad.

"Riding with dad, we would go out to eat. We would cruise around the backroads, always going the speed limits of course, but I fell in love with the car ever since then," Hudgens says.

However, Hudgens' dad later would struggle to find time to drive it, and instead of letting it sit, he sold it.

"Like all corvettes or older cars, especially in Northwest Indiana, they all don't get driven. Dad decided to sell it," Hudgens says.

Ten years passed and Hudgens is now 26-years-old and living in Argos. But no matter where he goes, his itch to get behind the wheel of his dad's old Corvette never goes away.

"My wife and I, we enjoy cruising around. I have a Ford Focus which isn't exactly the best cruising car. So I've had the itch to have something to cruise around with for a while. I wanted something similar to what my dad had," Hudgens said.

So Hudgens began looking, but little did he know, there was one for sale just a few hours away.

"I was scrolling through Facebook Marketplace and I seen one that looked just like his," Hudgens explained.

And as he began negotiating with the seller, Hudgens says he asked for the vehicle's VIN number. Though, what he discovered next left his hands shaking and his heart beating out of control.

"The VIN number was the exact VIN number of the car that my dad sold ten years ago that I completely found on accident on Facebook 10 years later," Hudgens says.

It was accident that turned into a sale that Hudgens says he had to have, which is why he made a "sharky" offer and bought his dad's Corvette back.

"It was tough to channel my inner Mark Cuban and negotiate at that point but I had to have it." Hudgens says.

When he called his dad to tell him the remarkable news, Hudgens says he could feel his joy through the phone.

"He is very happy that it's back in family and I think, we believe, back where it belongs," Hudgens says.

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