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C3 Corvette Barn Find Gets Its First Wash in 45 Years - Video

ByJonathan Lopez on April 16, 2024

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There truly are some real treasures out there just waiting to be uncovered. Case in point – this 1978 Chevy Corvette was recently rediscovered in a dirty garage overgrown with vines. Although the exterior of the Vette is hidden under a thick layer of grime, the odometer shows just 1,599 miles. Despite the dirt, this thing is basically new. Now, this ridiculously low-mile C3 has received its first wash in 45 years, revealing the gem hiding underneath.

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Tackling the ’78 Corvette’s clean-up are the car wash experts at WD Detailing, who documented the process with an in-depth 40-minute video. Known for taking on all kinds of challenging car cleaning jobs, this C3 Corvette was undoubtedly a delight for the seasoned pros, and watching the sports car come back to life is quite satisfying for the audience.

With the detailing team wielding their many tools, the Corvette is seen shedding its grimy skin. Underneath the layers of dust and time, the Classic White paint begins to gleam, while the pristine red interior hints at the car’s impressively low mileage.

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The meticulous clean-up process involves a thorough exterior wash, a delicate touch with the rubber bumpers, and a detailed interior cleaning. The WD Detailing crew also dives under the hood. The result is a Corvette that looks as though it had traveled through time from 1978 straight to the present, with all of its vintage glory intact.

Future videos are set to showcase the restoration of the other two barn finds seen next to the ’78 C3, however the video doesn’t provide much information on what the other two have to offer, with the video host merely starting that the other Vettes are even crazier than this uber-low-mile Classic White model.

Exciting stuff, no doubt about it. For now, though, sit back and enjoy as this C3 Corvette is brought back from the dead:

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